D&D Filtration is one of the largest stocking distributors in the Northeast.

D&D Filtration serves all New England states, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

The company was started in 1988 and serves a diverse filter market that includes Biopharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Coating, Chemical, Industrial, Food and Beverage, Utility, and other industries. D&D Filtration not only provides product and service, but also consults to assist in resolving many of the most difficult problems in filtration.

D&D Filtration is staffed by a sales-force of trained and experienced professionals. All have represented the major filter companies as well as the regulatory agencies, which govern the Biopharmaceutical market, in various roles.

In this competitive field, D&D looks forward to assisting you with all of your multi-discipline filtration needs.

D&D Filtration 30 Years of Srevice
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