D&D Filtration Laboratory Services

The laboratory can offer a range of standard procedures for analysis of particles, extractables, and microbial contaminants when unexpected system upsets occur causing loss of product and company profitability. Using top-of-the-line equipment, our laboratory is equipped to handle any problem expeditiously which results in keeping down time to a minimum. Samples of the suspected process fluids can be sent to D&D’s Laboratory facility for analysis and/or a sample can be analyzed on site. All analysis will be documented and technical reports issued summarizing the results and recommendations for corrective action.

Filtration Analysis    Particle Analysis    Product Analysis    Water Analysis

Filtration Analysis

D & D’s Laboratory offers state of the art filterability testing using advanced equipment that automatically records and documents data. This small-scale testing will provide an approximation of media performance under actual production conditions and help determine the appropriate filters (both pre-filtration and final) to use for a specific application. Routine testing can be modified to incorporate your unique requirements. We offer services to maintain any filtration process and evaluate key components if possible sources of filtration failure occur.


  • Filterability Screening
  • Filterability Study
  • Integrity
  • Dissection

Particle Contamination & Analysis

Our laboratory has a wide range of tools and options to identify and categorize particle which affect processes. Particles hard and/or amorphic in nature contaminating the process can be identified, sized and classified.


  • Optical Microscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • SEM with X-Ray Spectroscopy
  • Particle Size & Distribution
  • Particle Counting
  • UV/Vis Spectroscopy

Product Analysis & Characterization

In order to ensure a cohesive filtration system, certain physical and chemical properties of a product must be known. From water to resin, D & D’s Laboratory can assist in the characterization of a customer’s product if certain factors are unknown.


  • Viscosity
  • Turbidity
  • pH
  • Total Solids
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Total Dissolved Solids

Water Analysis

D&D offers complete water analysis using state of the art analytical instruments to ensure manufactures from a multitude of industries that they are offering a high quality product by maintaining their water purification standards. Testing not only includes inorganics and metals analysis, but microbiological diagnostic tools as well. Our laboratory has the capability to isolate, count, and identify most bacterial contaminates which can disrupt a process.


  • Inorganic & Metal Analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis
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