AquaRite EVP

Drinking Water. Fits all industry-standard #1 and #2 size bag housings.
The Strainrite Companies are proud to announce the development of a substantially enhanced version of our time tested, and widely acclaimed, Value-Life Series of patented pleated filter bags! Even more value added!
Our EVP [ Enhanced Vertical Pleat ] filters are the product of years of successful, application specific filtration in a variety of industries, using the Model 8T as the genesis of the Value-Life Series. By working closely with our distributor partners, and their valued customers, we have learned how to amplify the critical features that make the ìEVPî the greatest value in the Filtration Marketplace today. With proprietary advances in pleat profile and rigidity, graded density materials of construction, and utilized surface area, no filter element provides equal filtration performance, life, and loading capacity at a similar price. Experience for yourself how Strainrite’s proprietary ‘Depth by Design’ Filters will change your view of Filtration from that of an expense, to that of the means to improved process and product, as well as a better bottom line!


  • Optimized Pleat Profile Rigidity
  • True Graded Density Design and Increased Surface Area
  • Versatility / Convenience
  • Multiple Sealing Options
  • Provides > 50% increases in surface area utilization increase
  • Protects final filter media from premature blinding, and dramatically increases filter life
  • Real labor cost-savings due to fewer filter change-outs
  • Reduced employee exposure and product loss
  • Reduced filter element disposal costs
  • Increased productivity due to longer, uninterrupted processing/run times
  • No equipment modification required, fits all industry standard #1 and #2 size bag housings
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel rings and plastic flanges
  • Optional zero bypass vessels,SRX series, available for absolute efficiency applications

Download the PDF: AR_EVP

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