AquaRite Hi-Pro Micro

Drinking Water. Unique graduated layering of media. For effective removal of giardia and other cysts.
The Strainrite Companies introduced the Aqua Rite Hi-Pro Micro line of high-performance filter bags several years ago and it has proved to be a very successful product. The Aqua Rite Hi-Pro Micro (HPM) line incorporate Strainrite’s unique graduated layering of media — starting with a built-in pre-filter inner layer and progressing to the tighter outer layers. The smaller particles are systematically removed as fluid travels through multiple layers with each individual layer performing a special function. This graduation aids in the prevention of premature blinding which causes unnecessary filter change out.
The product line offerings include the ultimate in bag fltration, the Hi-Pro Micro 9900. Specifically our HPM99-CC-2SR and HPM99-CCX-2SR. The two bags work in combination to achieve our drinking water approved system! An unrivaled product, Strainrite’s Aqua Rite Hi-Pro Micro line is the product suggested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the most effective removal of giardia and other cysts. Strainrite’s product has the lowest standard deviation of any other filter, which means users achieve more consistent results from batch to batch. Equally important, this product presents the ultimate value in high purity filtration.
Although dirt holding capacity is relative to each application, flow rate, particulate load and particle size distribution, the Aqua Rite Hi-Pro Micro line offers superior dirt holding capacity when compared to other high efficiency filter bags on the market. Strainrite’s factory testing of the unique patent pending design of prefilter layers verifes that each succeeding layer of filter media is fully loaded with a given range of particulate. We recommend this filter to ensure accurate results.


  • Approved in California for 3 log reduction using Strainrite’s Pre & Final bag system
  • Superior dirt holding
  • Best choice for Giardia and Cryptocysts
  • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 compliant
  • Met the requirements of 40 CFR Parts 141 & 142
  • LT2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (Independently performed by BioVir Laboratories Inc.)

Download the PDF: ARHPM

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