The Bev-Maxx pleated membrane filters are specifically engineered to provide an absolute barrier to beverage spoiling micro-organisms. The Bev-Maxx incorporates a highly asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane within our exclusive pleat support configuration creating one of the industry’s most rugged yeast removal filters. This exceptionally robust filter design means filter performance will remain effective after multiple steam sterilization cycles. Every Bev-Maxx filter is integrity tested and flushed with high purity water to assure product performance and purity. Integrity test parameters have been correlated to microbiological retention for all of our membrane filters (refer to Microbiological Performance chart).

Download the PDF: Bev-MAXX

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Polyethersulfone, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel


Absolute (99% ^), Final Filter


Food and Beverage, Industrial

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