Calypso Blue™ Series


Calypso Blue™ Series Features

Designed for 4-1/2” diameter filter housings.

  • Lower overall operating cost
  • Longer filter runs for fewer change outs
  • Lower initial pressure drops
  • Reduced maintenance down time and cost
  • Increased contaminant removal
  • High flow capability

Calypso Blue™ Series Applications

  • Reverse osmosis pre-filtration
  • Municipal drinking water filtration
  • Commercial/residential drinking water filtration
  • Desalination pre-filtration
  • Industrial water filtration
  • Industrial water filtration
  • Cooling tower filtration
  • Chill water loop filtration
  • Food & beverage filtration
  • Marine/aquatic filtration

Download the PDF: Calypso Blue


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Polyethylene, Synthetic Fiber


Biopharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Semiconductor


Absolute (99% ^), Nominal (98% v), Pre-Filter

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