CARBOFLOW MX cartridges are offered in both high efficiency and general grades. They consist of bituminous coal sourced carbon, extruded together with an FDA listed thermoplastic binder, to produce an extremely porous yet rigid structure. The result is a filter offering unsurpassed adsorptive capacity, up to 20 times that of traditional granular carbon or carbon impregnated filters, and high particle removal efficiency. The rigid structure of CARBOFLOW MX not only minimizes any possibility of channelling, bypass or fluidizing, but also the release of carbon fines during start up and operation. Such problems are common with more traditional carbon filters. CARBOFLOW MX is available in lengths up to 40¨ (1016 mm) together with end fittings to suit most industry standard housings.

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Food and Beverage, Industrial


Nominal (98% v), Pre-Filter

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