Features, Advantages and Benefits:

  • Excellent Chemical Compatibility Polyolefin construction conforming to FDA regulations provides excellent chemical resistance for a large variety of applications.
  • Rigid Depth Filtration Design Maximises dirt holding pore volume in media & ability to remove challenging gels and deformable contaminants as well as oversized rigid contaminants, eliminating rejection or rework.
  • Absolute and Nominally Rated. Meet a wide range of requirements with consistency and reliability whilst minimising filter inventory.
  • Bicomponent Fibre Construction Manufactured with advanced JNC fibres with lower melting point outer sheath to create 3-dimensional bonding wherever the fibres touch without the distortion, high web density and pore collapse that typically occurs with highly fused, fine unicomponent fibres. The porous structure is maintained by the more rigid inner fibres which do not melt during the nodal fusion process producing a highly porous and rigid structure for reliability and consistency.
  • Long Service Life Extra fine fibre construction results in high media porosity thus low clean pressure drop and large dirt holding capacity, delivering long filter life.
  • No Media Migration or Rating Drift Rigid nodally fused structure ensures consistent performance throughout filter life without particle unloading, media channelling, end cap bypass, fibre release or media compression and contaminant push through. This ensures consistent performance throughout filter service resulting in less process variability and reliable, consistent processes and products.
  • Withstand High Differential Pressure Excellent media rigidity enables cartridges to operate reliably under high differential pressure even in challenging applications such as pulsing flow and with high viscosity fluids.
  • Classification Filtration Removal of larger defect causing particles and agglomerates without stripping small, acceptable or desired particles. This allows coatings and slurries to be processed so that defect causing contaminants are removed but filters are not blocked prematurely by pigment or slurry particles. It also facilitates much longer filter life in applications where a specified particle size must be removed but smaller particles are acceptable as these are allowed through rather than blocking the filter.

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Food and Beverage, Industrial


Absolute (99% ^), Final Filter, Pre-Filter

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