Double O-Ring Pak®


The ErtelAlsop Double O-Ring Pak® System consists of our highly polished stainless steel double o-ring housing used in conjunction with our Zeta-Pak® double o-ring lenticular cartridge. Our simple quarter-turn lock, and static core structure of the ErtelAlsop double o-ring filter element eliminates the concerns of misalignment or sealing between flat gasket cartirdges systems. Our sanitary housing helps ensure the integrity of your application by providing a highly polished filter housing with sanitary fittings, vent connection and no internal threads. The typical housing can hold up to four 12-inch or 16-inch diameter Pak® cartridges in a vertical configuration.

Standard Features

• T-316L stainless steel with 180 grit finish

• Sanitary tri-clamp Inlet & Outlet with 90 deg elbows

• 0-60 psi stainless steel non-sanitary gauge

• V-Band Clamp Closure

• 60 PSIG

• EPDM Elastomers/Gaskets

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