Electronic Grade Filter Housing


The Multi-Round Electronic Grade Housings are designed for flow rates up to 145 GPM, while handling the most stringent applications in the electronic industry. All facets of the design and manufacturing process of this product have been focused on the user being able to achieve low extractables while filtering down to 0.02 microns absolute. The construction materials are PVDF, HDPE or Polypropylene. The process, drain, and vent valve connections have been constructed utilizing the latest technology in welding (IR/Butt Fusion). A retainer assembly is supplied providing each cartridge with a stop that ensures the “O” Rings stay engaged even under back pressure. This design feature specifically addresses the large tolerance on the length of PTFE filter cartridges. The filter chamber has been designed to provide a smooth flow path from the inlet to the outlet. This ensures that the flow velocity of the fluid is maximized while traveling through the chamber, thus keeping particles in suspension until they are filtered out. A sophisticated flow distribution model has been utilized to ensure that the process fluid flows uniformly along the length of the filter elements. This feature increases the on-stream life of the filter elements as much.

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Polypropylene, PVDF



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