FibrSep™ K


Remove particulate and liquid droplets from air/gas streams with The Original fiberglass filter separator element. The quality and construction of the filter elements used in a filter separator significantly affects compressor performance and operating costs. Don’t use imitations, get The Original. Also for use in dry gas filter vessels when contaminants are shear-sensitive (sludge, waxes, gels, asphaltenes, etc.)

FibrSep K  Features

  • Quality Construction. FibrSep K elements are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified environment that ensures consistency of product quality. Consistent quality means fewer product issues that you have to deal with in the field, improving productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Seamless Design. The FibrSep K filter media is configured as a seamless tube made of a three dimensional array of glass fibers bonded together with a phenolic resin. This design provides structural integrity and eliminates seams and unbonded overlaps that can allow contaminant to bypass the media. Bypass leads to fouling in downstream equipment and piping associated with increased operational and maintenance costs.
  • Built with Safety in Mind. At PECOFacet safety is our number one priority. FibrSep K elements use metal parts that contain no exposed, jagged edges. This prevents injury during handling. The spiral-wound cores are easier and safer to remove from the element support in the event that the elements are over pressurized and crushed. Reduce safety risks, protect personnel, and help your facility achieve safety goals.

FibrSep K Applications

  • Natural Gas Transmission transmission station inlet and fuel gas
  • Natural Gas Processing treating and dehydration tower inlets, fuel gas, meters
  • Natural Gas Production and Gathering compressor suction
  • Natural Gas Distribution M&R station
  • Refinery compressor suction and fuel gas

Download the PDF: FibrSep K

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Galvanized Steel, Glass Microfiber, Resin


Nominal (98% v), Pre-Filter



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