FilterNYF cartridge has Nylon 66 pharmaceutical membranes developed for sterile filter applications or sub-micron particle removal. The membranes are supported by polypropylene layers that improve the strength and the service life of the pleated membrane. Stringent quality control standards guarantee a first class product with a consistent filtration performance. Constructed and assembled in a clean room environment FilterNYF cartridge filters are 100% tested both during the manufacturing and before shipment. The FilterNYF cartridge is an excellent choice for the final filtration of liquid products in the pharmaceutical, biological and food and beverage industries, as well as throughout many critical industrial filtration applications The FilterNYF available filtration rating is 0,2 μm with standard length of 10”; 20”; 30”; 40” for classic configuration, and of 2,5 – 5 inch for Junior configuration. FilterNYF cartridges may be steam sterilized or autoclaved according USP methods.

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Nylon, Polypropylene


Food and Beverage, Industrial, Semiconductor


Final Filter, Nominal (98% v)

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