The FilterTEF filter cartridge has been developed and optimized for filtration of high-purity air and liquids to assure end product purity and biological stability. FilterTEF is inherently hydrophobic and contains no added surfactants or wetting agents. Each cartridge is fabricated in “clean room”, pre-flushed, and 100% integrity tested during production. FilterTEF has a great performances derives from the use of PTFE membrane, with a narrow pore size distribution. This membrane produces a cartridge with high flow rates, long on stream life, and consistent removal of microorganism and inorganic particulates. The filterTEF membrane is biologically inert, having low protein binding characteristics. Bacterial retention is effective and meets the international standards.

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Polypropylene, Polytetrafluoroethylene


Biopharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Semiconductor


Nominal (98% v), Pre-Filter

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