The Fluorofl ow®-XF fi lter cartridge uses a superior asymmetric PTFE membrane which provides unmatched fl ow rates and on-stream life. Customers using the cartridge for viscous fl uids like phosphoric acid, have reported fl ow rates and lifetimes more than twice that of the leading competitor. The advantages of increased bath turnover and longer lifetime improve yields while decreasing fi ltration costs. In addition, the all-fl uoropolymer construction provides excellent chemical resistance for the most aggressive applications up to 180 °C. Available dry, wetpacked for quick installation or Ultraclean wet-packed which offers the lowest metals extractables in the industry.

Download the PDF: Fluoroflow XF

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Fluoropolymer, Polytetrafluoroethylene


Industrial, Semiconductor


Absolute (99% ^), Final Filter

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