FXL Series


Extended Life Silicone Oil Free Filter Bags with All Welded Construction

  • All Welded Construction Provides Higher Efficiencies and Eliminates the Chance of Fluid Bypass
  • Silicone Oil Free Materials of Construction and Manufacturing Processes
  • Filter Media Provides True Depth Filtration Enhancing Filtration of Gels, Fluids with Broad Particle Distributions and Particles with Irregular Shapes
  • Offered with Plastic and Metal Rings for Wide Temperature Compatibility
  • Contaminants are Trapped Inside the Bag for More Consistent Results
  • Broad Range of Proprietary Media Provides Excellent Filtration Performance and Higher Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Easy Change-Out Reduces Down Time and Maintenance Costs
  • Product Compacts for Easy Disposal or Incineration
  • Polypropylene FXL Bags are Manufactured from FDA Listed Materials. FDA
  • Listed Polyester Felt is Available by Request
  • Ideal Solution for Batch Processes
  • Manufactured Under a Certified ISO 9001 Quality System

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Polyester, Polypropylene


Food and Beverage, Industrial


Nominal (98% v)

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