Created for Beverage Pre-final filtration. The Guard Rite is the pre final filter, to cost effectively reduce Bio-burden before final filtration and packaging. With a depth layer and synchronized final filtration layer optimized to extend final filter life with a stainless steel insert for steam or hot water sanitization .
Guard Rite is engineered to provide cost effective removal of Particles and reduction of Beverage spoiling Microorganisms. The superior flowing membrane ensures that flavor and color stay in your beverage. Every Guard Rite comes with a certificate of conformance and is manufactured to meet the highest cleanliness standards.


  • Reliable non fiber releasing media
  • Synchronized media
  • Thermally bonded construction
  • No additives or glue
  • All materials of construction are FDA compliant with CFR Title 21
  • Thermally bonded construction without the use of adhesives or binders, resulting in lower extractables
  • High strength design allowing for extended use and multi-autoclave cycles

Download the PDF: GR

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