Horizontal Double O-Ring


The ErtelAlsop Horizontal Double O-Ring Pak® System provides all the benefits of traditional vertical Pak® Filters with several added bonuses. Horizontal orientation allows for single person operation and eliminates the need for overhead hoists. Double open ends provide access to every surface, making cleanup fast and simple. The unique ErtelAlsop “Lock and Load” System allows easy loading and unloading of Pak® cartridges with the assistance of Teflon guides. The housing can be provided as a single unit or as a dual, tri or quad system, on a baseplate, complete with common piping. The enclosed design and horizontal orientation make this unit cost effective for most applications. It provides minimal product loss along with reduced labor requirements. ErtelAlsop’s Horizontal Pak® Filter is the perfect technology to replace old leaky plate and frame filters in liquid processes. All ErtelAlsop lenticular Pak® cartridges are suitable for use in the horizontal housing.

Standard Features

• 316L Stainless Steel

• 316L Stainless Steel “Lock and Load” Design Pak® Tray

• 1.5 inch Tri-Clamp Inlet/Outlet Fittings

• 0.5 Inch Tri-Clamp Vent and Drain Fittings

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Hastaloy C, Stainless Steel



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