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Bag-Flow M Series Information

Filtrafine Bag-Flow M series filter bags provide more precise retention ratings than felt filter bas. This bag style is suitable for all standard filter bag housings. Its nominal retention ratings are from 50 to 400 μm which can handle high flow with low pressure drop. Bag-Flow M series is washable, reusable and has wide chemical compatibility. Besides, it is resistant to contaminant unloading.

High Contaminant Holding Capacity Monofilament Bags from Filtrafine

  • Nominal Retention Ratings from 20 to 800μm
  • All Industry Standard Sizes Available
  • Bag Styles to Fit All Standard Housings
  • Wide Chemical Compatibility
  • High Flow – Low Pressure Drop Media
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Non-Fiber Releasing Media
  • More Precise Retention Ratings than Felt Filter Bags
  • Resistant to Contaminant Unloading
  • Excellent Pre-filter – Easy Disposal
  • Manufacturing Under a Certified ISO 9001 Quality System

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Nominal (98% v)

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