Fits 6.5” housing with outside-in flow in a 40” length
The Strainrite Companies is proud to add the MAXX Pro to our family of large pleat geometry products. The MAXX Pro filters are high efficiency, outside to inside flow direction liquid filtration cartridges designed for applications with high contaminant removal requirements.
MAXX Pro cartridges are for use in filter housings that accept 6.5” (165 mm) outside diameter filter cartridges. The large diameter, pleated depth media cartridge design permits higher flow rates than standard 2.5” diameter filter cartridges resulting in significantly fewer required filter cartridges for a given flow. Microfiber forms the basis of the filtration media utilized in MAXX Pro filter cartridges. Strainrite’s manufacturing processes allow for tightly controlled specifications resulting in a filter media with consistent and predictable particle retention characteristics. MAXX Pro cartridges are offered in micron grades ranging from 1 µm to 70 µm.


  • Extremely low risk of by pass for high quality fluids.
  • No loose parts to assemble for easy installation, thus less labor cost.
  • No springs and caps to lose reduces the risk of by pass.
  • Broad chemical compatibility for many applications.
  • Convenient handle for easy manual or mechanical removal.
  • Large diameter pleat configuration for high flow rates
  • High dirt holding capability due to extensive surface area
  • 99% rated filter media for consistent and repeatable performance
  • Injection molded cage for superior strength and element integrity
  • Thermally bonded construction
  • Available in 40″ length
  • Available in polypropylene.
  • Convenient handle for easy manual or mechanical removal. Double O-ring seals
  • Designed to fit competitor brand housing that requires a 6.5” outside diameter element with 40” length and outside-in filtration.
  • Unique outside-in filter.

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