Mega-Flow Series


High Surface Area Filter Cartridge, Suitable for Applications in the TFT-LCD Industry

  • Ideally Suited for Most LCD and TFT Wet Processing Applications and the Filtration of High Purity Water
  • Wide Range of Filter Media and Removal Ratings Available Enabling Optimization of Many Processes
  • High Purity Polypropylene Hardware Construction – Inert to Many Process Fluids Ensuring Wide Chemical Compatibility
  • Compact Cartridge Design Offers Long On-Stream Life Reducing Equipment Down-Time and Maintenance Costs
  • Each Filter Element Stamped with Pore Size, Lot and Serial Number for Identification and Traceability
  • 100% Flushed with 18 Megaohm-cm DI Water for PES and PTFE Media
  • Various Gaskets/O-rings Materials – Compatible with Many Fluids
  • Filters are Manufactured, Flushed, Tested and Packaged in a Class 1,000 Clean Room Environment
  • Manufactured Under a Certified ISO 9001 Quality System

Download the PDF: Mega-Flow Series

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Polyethersulfone, Polypropylene, Polytetrafluoroethylene


Biopharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Semiconductor


Nominal (98% v), Pre-Filter

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