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The new Microprint™ inkjet capsule filter range from Inprinta® has been designed to ensure excellent particle retention through the use of pleated polymer filter packs.  This together with a porous polypropylene core enables the capsule filter to provide an impermeable barrier to foreign particles.  As a consequence,  Inprinta® inkjet capsule filters provide superior results on all printer platforms they are installed on. The Microprint™ capsule filter design has also been optimized for both strength and flow. Combining Microcap™, one of the strongest capsules on the market today, with the newly engineered dual stage filter system enables inkjet fluids to flow with minimum resistance. This gives the benefit of a low pressure drop across the filter path, ensuring the smooth running of your inkjet printer at all times. Rated to efficiently retain particles from 0.5 micron – 100 micron, Microprint™ inkjet capsule filters provide top performance in all areas of the inkjet market, from coding to textile, UV and graphics.

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