MicroCap Pro™ Depth Capsules


Efficient, Cost-Effective Batch Processing
A Capsule Suite Customized to Fit Your Processing Needs
Eliminate Batch Pooling
Tired of expensive and inefficient pooling of multiple batches to sustain processing? MicroCap Capsules offer the most flexible solution and the most consistent results for all of your batch processing needs.
MicroCap single-use capsules are a uniquely flexible line of disposable depth filter products designed to optimize scale-up and scale-down studies. The MicroCap Capsule Suite with six different capsule sizes can meet your process volume requirements without requiring the pooling of multiple batches. Lab-scale through clinical scale process volumes can be easily managed within the framework of cost-effective, efficient processing. Scale-up and scale-down studies can be efficiently managed through capsules sized and aligned to standard process volumes.

Download the PDF MicroCapPro

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