Purolator’s Model 88 Liquid Cartridge housing gives the versatility of choosing cartridges for the needed flow rates, chemical compatibility and particle retention. They are a good choice to use in applications where a low micron retention is required. Model P88 accomodates three 30, or 40 inch lengths. Model P88 accommodates six elements in either 20, 30 or 40 inch lengths.


  • Carbon or stainless steel construction
  • Plated quick swing closure with eye nuts
  • Buna lid seal
  • 316 SS cup & spring assemblies
  • 150 PSI pressure rating
  • Differential, drain, and vent ports
  • 316 SS center guide post
  • Epoxy paint – inside and out – on carbon steel
  • Adjustable support legs


  • Duplexing for continual flow during maintenance
  • Higher pressure rating
  • ASME code U or UM
  • DOE (Double Open Ended) cartridges
  • 222 O-ring cartridges
  • 226 O-ring cartridges
  • 1″ NPT cartridges
  • Note: Elements are not included in the filter, but the type of element must be specified when ordering the housing.

Download the PDF P-88-6-round

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