Polyflow® Mini-Capsules


Polyflow® Mini-Capsules feature a random fiber polypropylene depth matrix that provides superior retention efficiencies. In addition, the unique calendering process produces depth media with unsurpassed dirt-holding capacity that extends filter service life. Longer life leads to increased savings by requiring fewer filter change-outs. Polyflow® Mini-Capsules are available in three sizes, enabling users to match the filters to actual batch sizes and minimize the hold-up volume. Cost savings result from the reduction of lost product, and by scaling the process properly to avoid excess filter capacity. The encapsulated design maximizes efficiency by providing faster, easier change-out without laborious cleaning procedures. Eliminating the need to open reusable housings for cartridge replacement minimizes the chance of introducing contamination into the process, and promotes safety by reducing the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous fluids.

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