Rugged All Plastic Housings (PVC, CPVC, PPL or PVDF) Construction For All Ultra-Pure Or Corrosive Applications

POLYLINE filter housings have no metal components to rust, corrode or contaminate the process media. Housings are available for size 01 or 02 filter bags (PVDF 02 only). With a POLYLINE housing you get extra features at no extra cost such as a vent/bleed valve installed on the housing cover and an integral mounting flange for rock solid installation without the need for support legs. The two bottom pipe connections are interchangeable as outlet or drain, allowing easy modification to in-line or loop piping arrangements to accommodate any installation design. The hand removable, no tools required, spin off cover makes filter bag changing quick and easy. Just a few turns of the cover using the built-in handle opens and closes the housing with little effort. For applications that require continuous flow, duplex models are available. Here, the flow never has to be shut down for bag change-out. For contamination sensitive or severely corrosive filtration applications, a POLYLINE housing is your best choice.

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CPVC, Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF



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