Proflow™ II-LBR Mini-Capsules


Proflow II Liquid Bacterial Retentive (LBR) Mini-Capsules are validated to produce sterile buffers, solvents, and other pharmaceutical fluids. They offer excellent flow rates, and the PTFE membrane provides superior resistance to most of the solvents used for extraction purposes and in the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates. Proflow II-LBR Mini-Capsules are available in a choice of three sizes allowing users to match the filters to the batch size and minimize the hold-up volume. Cost savings result from the reduction of lost product, and by scaling the process properly to avoid wasting excess filter capacity. The encapsulated design maximizes efficiency by providing faster, easier change-out with no laborious cleaning procedures. Eliminating the need to open reusable housings for cartridge replacement minimizes the chance of introducing contamination into the process, and promotes safety by reducing the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous fluids.

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