PureFlo® Glass Microfiber


PureFlo® Borosilicate Microfiber filter cartridges are highly retentive filters that have a pleated design to maximize surface area. The borosilicate microfiber media in an all-polypropylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility and superior flow per unit area. No adhesives or surfactants are used in the manufacturing process. The borosilicate microfiber is “non-fiber releasing.” The borosilicate microfiber is ideally-suited for aggressive microbial retention. In addition, the media provides superior flow and pressure drop characteristics per unit area. PureFlo Microfiber filter cartridges are well-suited for critical applications where superior flow and particle retention for deform-able and non-deformable particle removal is required.

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Microfiber, Polypropylene


Biopharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Semiconductor

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