Quad-Pure® A


A highly automated proprietary manufacturing process creates a continuous gradient fiber density within the Quad-Pure A. This eliminates surface loading and increases particle retention in applications with broad spectrum contaminants. 100% polypropylene or nylon construction provides excellent chemical compatibility in a broad range of fluid applications, including acids, bases, salts and many organic solvents. Polypropylene elements use 100% FDA listed materials, assuring safe use in food and beverage applications. With a wide range of sizes, end cap configurations and grades we are sure you will find that the Quad-Pure A offers the flexibility to fit in most commercially available vessels. Convert to Quad-Pure A today and see what a difference you can make.

Download the PDF: Quad-Pure A

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Nylon, Polypropylene


Food and Beverage, Industrial, Semiconductor


Nominal (98% v), Pre-Filter

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