Resinator Bag


The Resinator combines the positive qualities of resin-bonded cartridges with the proven advantages of a premium quality bag filter. The users gain the non-compressibility of a resin filter along with the greatly enhanced solids loading capacity and cost savings of a gradient-density filter bag.

The Resinator’s patented design incorporates two layers of fully infused phenolic resin textile; with the inner layer acting as a prefilter to the more retentive outer layer. This proven gradient density approach, coupled with the increased surface area, results in enhanced efficiencies and increased filter lifetime. The Resinator’s non-compressible depth media is more effective than conventional filters in retaining gel-like particles. Unlike cartridges, which accumulate debris on the outside of the element and are prone to remnants falling off the element during change-out, the Resinator bag filter contains contaminates securely inside the bag. This not only ensures the integrity of the filtration process, it builds an effective prefilter cake that promotes higher efficiencies with-out higher pressure drop or loss of flow capacity

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Nominal (98% v)

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