Combines depth-loading efficiency of resin-bonded cartridges with greater dirt-loading capacity of a filter bag.
Once again, The Strainrite Companies delivers true filtration innovation by combining only the positive qualities of resin-bonded cartridges with the proven advantages of a Strainrite premium quality filter bag. “Resinator” users gain the non-compressible media depth of a resin filter, along with the greatly enhanced solids loading capacity and cost saving features of a Strainrite gradient-density filter bag. This product excels in a wide variety of high viscosity fluid filtration applications where authoritative removal of problematic gels are required.
These “hard body” filter bags represent a significant advancement in the utilization of rigid fiber technology and illustrate the leadership role The Strainrite Companies plays in supplying vision and technical leadership when designing and manufacturing liquid filter bags. This graduated double layer product design combines the depth loading efficiency of resin bonded cartridges with the greater dirt loading capacity of a filter bag creating the most cost effective method for filtering both low and high viscosity fluids.


  • Resin-bonded efficiency
  • Greater dirt-loading capacity

Download the PDF: BRB

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