For Maxx Flow/Maxx Trap
The SMF and HSMF line of filters vessels are designed to accommodate our Maxx Flow and Maxx Trap large diameter pleated filters. These heavy duty vessels are engineered to handle your most demanding applications and can be supplied as either ASME code for aggressive chemical applications or Non code for more general industry requirements. Both the single and multi-filter 40” length vessels are offered in vertical (SMF) or horizontal (HSMF) configurations where the 60” vessels are standard in the horizontal (HSMF) configuration. All retainer baskets are welded in place in our standard designs.


  • Welded in baskets that eliminate bypass potential between basket and housing
  • High flow rates with low pressure drops
  • Positive cover seal
  • 150 PSI design pressure
  • Swing bolt closure for quick change outs
  • Inside/out flow direction that traps contaminants inside the element
  • ASME Code stamp available
  • Adjustable height tripod stand

Optional Features:

  • Optional removable baskets for clean in place operations (SMF only)

Download the PDF: SMF_HSMF


Stainless Steel



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