Multi-Basket System
The SRMB Multi-cavity filter vessels offer large surface areas capable of handling up to 5600 gpm in a single housing. Increasing surface area allows for longer processing time prior to filter change-out. Containing anywhere from 2 to 28 bags/baskets in a single vessel, our standard side-inlet/side-outlet design offers the greatest inlet/outlet flexibility and doesn’t require a platform to be built, in order to change-out or clean the filter elements or strainers.


  • Inlet/outlet orientation: Ergonomically superior Side-in/Side-out
  • Low pressure drop, positive cover seal
  • Easily cleaned
  • Stainless Steel perforated baskets
  • Swing bolt closures
  • 1” to 2” NPT drain port on bottom
  • 0.5” to 1” NPT pressure gauge/vent tap
  • Pipe sizes from 2” to 14” RFF connections
  • Davit Lift
  • Filter Bag Retainer Ring
  • Differential pressure gauge taps

Optional Features:

  • Inlet/outlet orientation: Bottom-in/Bottom-out
  • Epoxy coating and fuse coating
  • Pressure ratings up to 300 psi
  • Choice of lid-lifting devices — Hydraulic-Jack or Manual Wheel Davit
  • Wire mesh support baskets
  • Mesh-lined basket for straining applications — 50 micron and higher
  • ASME code stamp

Download the PDF: SRMB




Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

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