TRI-SEAL poly flange. Overlap side seam for added protection.
The Sure-Weld Felt Filter Bag, with our proprietary “TRI-SEAL” poly flange provides a distinct advantage compared to conventional sewn filter bag with metal snap rings or industry standard poly flanges. Using state-of-the-art welding technology specifically designed to bond needle punched textile fabrics, we are able to offer the strongest most reliable welded filter bags on the market.
Our Sure-Weld filters come with the security of an overlap side seam, which eliminates the “bump” that occurs with conventional sewn snap ring filters. By welding to a “TRI-SEAL” poly flange our fully welded filter bags offer unparalleled seal security, which delivers superior filtrate consistency.


  • Higher efficiencies due to tighter seal tolerances
  • No thread, which eliminates potential silicone contamination from this likely source
  • Puncture free overlap side seams provide added strength and improves effluent consistency

Download the PDF: SureWeld

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