Resin-Bonded in Polypropylene or Polyester
Yet again, The Strainrite Companies delivers true filtration innovation! Combining the advantages of Resin Bonded Cartridges, non-compressible media, and enhanced depth filtration, with the proven inside out flow advantages of bag filtration, makes the VISC-MAXX the optimum alternative to cartridge filtration. The VISC-MAXX utilizes a phenolic treated polyester large fiber material in a gradient density pleat design to create the perfect Resin Bonded filter. Our unique patent protected textile provides unsurpassed gel and particle removal due to maximized surface area and the true non-compressible depth design.
A chronic complaint of conventional Resin Bonded Cartridge users is post-filter fiber migration, which results in compromised product and a need to re-filter. Our proprietary textile eliminates these problems entirely.


  • No fiber migration due to the utilization of lengthy heat set fibers
  • Increased surface area means longer filter life and reduced disposal cost
  • Longer filter life reduces labor time associated with change-outs
  • Higher productivity due to longer run times
  • Gradient density design, preventing premature blinding of final filtration layer
  • Thermally bonded end caps eliminate bypass
  • One P1 size element replaces (40) 10” equivalent resin bonded cartridges

Download the PDF: VSCMX

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