WaterSorb™ elements filter particulates and absorb water from petroleum based fluids. As fluid flows through the element, particulate is removed by pleated cellulose filter media and water is absorbed by a hydrophilic media. As water is absorbed the hydrophilic layer expands and flow decreases. Under water slug conditions, the media swells and shuts down flow indicating the element is ready to be changed. Absorbing highly emulsified water to levels below 15 ppm WaterSorb™ ensures a clean, dry product from start-up to shut-down.

WaterSorb™ Features

  • Extended Service Life WaterSorb elements contain more water absorbing media than the competitors’ and last longer between change-outs. Save money on labor and element costs.
  • Vessel Modifications not Necessary WaterSorb elements easily install in most commercial filter vessels without modifications.
  • The Choice is Yours PECOFacet is an industry leader in fluid filtration products. Don’t get locked into a single source. Adding PECOFacet to the supplier list for all your filtration needs will ensure your access to the best products at competitive prices. WaterSorb elements are made with quality materials in an ISO certified manufacturing environment. Performance and structural integrity are backed by a no-nonsense factory warranty. Send us the manufacturer model number and we’ll do the rest

WaterSorb™ Applications

Used primarily for removing water from hydrocarbon based fluids such as:

  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Insulating Oils
  • Lube Oil
  • Fuels

Download the PDF: WaterSorb™ PDF

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